3 Tips to be the Mentor your Heroic Customer Needs

Did you know that being an in-house debt collector makes you part of a superhero team? Think about it. You’ve probably seen this played out at some point, even if you weren’t aware of it. There’s an uneventful character that suddenly gets called into action. They experience various trials and have to avoid mysterious obstacles, […]

How Healthcare Changes in 2019 can Affect Your Revenue

2018 was a year of change in the healthcare industry. Diverse groups of technologies began to enter the doctor-patient arena, and quickly shaped the way we practice healing. Blockchain technologies were investigated, Artificial Intelligence went mainstream for imaging diagnostics, and cyberattacks in the healthcare industry doubled. That’s a lot of change for one year! So […]

Making the Most of Your Collection Calls in Three Simple Steps

Let’s be honest: No one loves making collection calls. But they are crucial to any revenue management process. That’s why it makes the most sense to be as effective as possible with each call the first time. Making the most of your collection call. Step One: Perfect your greeting and voice. Within seconds of an […]


Keeping your patients’ finances healthy

30% of the average healthcare bill now comes from the patient’s pocket* As a healthcare organization, we understand your patients’ health is your No. 1 priority, but what about their financial health? With patients becoming increasingly more responsible paying for their own medical services, it’s essential that you rethink your billing and payment process. This […]


4 Ways to Ensure Patient Data Safety

The healthcare industry invests less than six percent of its budget to cybersecurity* Healthcare breaches are a common occurrence and, unfortunately, it seems these incidents are becoming more frequent. While we tend to see reports of attacks on large healthcare systems, small and medium-sized practices are just as susceptible.  In fact, hackers may see these companies […]

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