Finance System, Inc. Success: Whitewater Valley REMC

The Client: Whitewater Valley REMC The Whitewater Valley Rural Electric Membership Corporation in Liberty is a not-for-profit utility distributing electricity to nearly 13,000 members across a six-county service area in east-central Indiana. Their Challenge Whitewater Valley REMC was lacking customer service despite high rates and low returns from its previous collections agency. They were using […]

Bill Collecting Across Generations

Just as with tastes in music, television and what’s considered trendy, there are generational gaps and varied preferences for dealing with debt and methods for repayment. While common interests of Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, Millennials and members of Generation Z may not overlap much, they all have one thing in common: debt. The sources of […]

4 Common Revenue Challenges Companies Face

Increasing healthcare industry regulations and emerging trends make staying on top of your revenue cycle management a time-consuming, challenging and burdensome task. One of the most frequent contributors to a backup or struggle in revenue management and collections is the growth and expansion of your organization. It’s almost a good problem to have — it’s […]

10 Patient-Pay Statistics You Should Know

How much revenue is your practice missing out on? No matter what financial management policies and accounts receivable procedures you have in place, it’s likely you’re dealing with some bad debt. It’s money your business has earned and is entitled to, but do you have the time and resources required to track it down and […]

3 Ways to Improve Staff Satisfaction

No one wants to feel like they are just a cog in a large machine when they go to work. Since families – on average – only spend 37 minutes of quality time together per day during a work week, it is important to show support in your office. Not doing so can take a […]

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