How To Make Paying Bills Easier For Patients

73% of providers report that it takes one month or longer to collect from patients (TransUnion Healthcare) How long does it take for you to receive a payment from a patient? What are you doing to change that? With patients assuming increasing responsibility for the cost of their healthcare services, it’s important to consider their […]


3 Signs It’s Time to Outsource

Tight margins. Ever-changing technology. Insurance. The health care industry is complex, and many new regulations and trends are making it difficult on hospital and other healthcare organization’s cash flow. Successful revenue cycle management (RCM) is time-consuming and can place large, administrative burdens on your employees who need to be spending their time focusing on the […]

4 Tips for Providing Exceptional Customer Service

U.S. companies lose more than $62 billion annually due to poor customer service (newvoicemedia) To say providing good customer service is important is an understatement. In fact, 33 percent of Americans say they will consider switching companies after just a single instance of poor service (American Express). When you are competing with countless other businesses […]

Ensure Your Patient Data Is Being Managed Effectively

Healthcare breaches are costing the U.S. healthcare industry an estimated $6.2 billion* As the healthcare industry continues to be a prime target for hackers and data theft, it’s important that companies work with third-party vendors who uphold the strictest guidelines and data protocols. One of the most effective ways to know you are partnering with […]

The Disappearing Act: Tracking Down Missing Patients

  Much like a magician does for his or her finale, some patients will pull off a disappearing act when it’s time to pay a bill. But instead of feeling thrilled or impressed, you may feel frustrated, stressed and wondering if it’s even worth finding the person. Luckily, there’s skip tracing. Skip tracing is the […]

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