The Top Collection Service Agency in the Midwest

Finance Systems, Inc. is a reputable and effective collection agency that gets you quick and tangible results on your debt collection needs. As a fast-growing, professional full-service accounts receivable management firm, we provide a debt collection process tailored to your needs with regulation compliant and empathetic methods to maximize your revenue recovery.

For over 60 years, Finance Systems has proven that their skilled staff, personalized strategies, and state-of-the-art technology makes them the solution you need to collect any outstanding debt.

With quality customer service, our courteous and proficient staff will engage in real conversations with you to ensure that you get better returns than other debt collection agencies can offer. And with no upfront costs, we can get you integrated into our system quickly so you can receive the money you’re owed without being charged any extra service fees before a collection is made. From the most advanced databases to the most basic, we’ll have your data converted in hours, not weeks.

From small businesses to large commercial organizations and everything in between, we can provide you with a truly skilled collection service agency that goes above and beyond to get you results. With us, you won’t get any automated robocalls or debt collection agents that just answer phones and wait for the money to roll in. At Finance System, we actively work for you and go through a thorough process to contact consumers and input information to track down bad debt. We bring in the money that other debt collection agencies may have left behind.

Finance System, Inc. manages over $60 million in accounts receivable annually and over 200 clients in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, government & utilities, finance & banking, education, and retail. We provide tailored solutions based on our studies of the communities where our clients do business. With quality service, visible results, and professional staff, don’t wait to reach out to see how we can help you get maximum recovery on debts owed to you.

The Effective Collection Agency You’ve Been Looking For

We know that it takes a lot of time and resources to get a real return on your debt collection efforts. As a collection service agency, we will do what it takes to provide you with expert guidance, strategy, and implementation to manage your accounts and return your revenue.

Finance Systems is dedicated to security and keeping your privacy and data safe. We employ stringent, HIPAA compliant data protection policies to effectively safeguard your consumers’ information. We are proud to be SOC 2 TYPE II certified.

We provide both first party and third party collection programs.

Third Party Collection
During traditional collection, we offer extensive programs with flexible options that allow increased management control. The proven tools used by Finance System, Inc. include a mix of scoring, credit reporting, and effective litigation services to compliment call and contact strategies for maximum results. We provide full service with no upfront costs so you don’t get charged without seeing results. You are only charged a small percentage once the collection is made.

Accounts Receivable Collection Agency
Finance Systems can become part of your team to resolve accounts receivable before they turn into bad debt. With a strong process involving improved contact and close rates, we can produce tangible results and recover more money faster than a provider can recover on their own. Finance System, Inc. can double cash collections, achieving 30 to 40 percent liquidity for cash receipts and 35 to 55 percent liquidity for payments and adjustments. Specializing in healthcare revenue cycle management, we can be the solution to help you recover the money owed to you while leaving you free to focus on your business and industry.

Consumer-Friendly Debt Collectors

A debt collection agency should never make your consumers feel hounded and disrespected. As providers of empathetic and courteous debt collection services, our staff are trained to treat consumers with dignity and integrity. Our empathetic approach allows us to motivate and work with consumers to resolve their debt quickly and painlessly

Finance Systems staff are extensively trained in effective negotiation, counseling, full-regulatory compliance, and collection software. We will recover what you are owed with persistence and proven collection techniques, but you will never worry that your reputation is at stake. You can rest assured that our consumer-friendly billing practices and problem resolution will result in effective debt recovery. We provide consumers with everything they need to pay their debt, including access to a full service online portal to see their account status, make payments, or set up a payment plan.

Choose Finance Systems

​​You may be considering hiring or switching debt collection agencies for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re seeing increased aging debt with no return on your current debt collection strategies or you recognize a lack of in-house resources to collect aging debt, we can work with you and take over your accounts to remove the worry out of your hands and keep revenue returning to them. We provide access to Pre-Collect, Early Out, and Self-Pay debt collection options to utilize every possible opportunity to get your outstanding debts collected quickly.

Contact us today for a free consultation to see how Finance Systems can bring you substantial results on your debt collection needs.