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Being a family owned business since 1955, we are dedicated to treating each and every client just like part of our family. At Finance System, we have a deep understanding that every one of our client’s needs is unique. That’s why we respond with personable, responsive and customized services to ensure complete client satisfaction.

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Partnered with over 60 years of successful experience in the Collection Industry

Our dedicated team is 100% committed to overcoming the challenges you face, based on communication and cooperation through personal contact. At Finance System, our family takes pride in customer service because we are here to maximize your return on your past due accounts.

We offer multiple reporting options, customized specifically to your business. In addition, our computer system features state-of-the-art reporting to make your information readily available, including custom reports upon request. More importantly, we will do everything to help you through the process and will always be accessible to address any questions you may have. We believe these values guide our decisions and actions, helping us be the trusting partner that you can count on to build a long-lasting relationship and deliver achievable results.


What if a consumer calls my office after the account is placed with FSI?

Once an account is placed with a collection agency, a host of additional laws and regulations come into play. Principal amongst these is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The FDCPA is administered by the Federal Trade Commission and is the prima regulatory agency over-seeing debt collection activity. Within the FDCPA, certain actions related to communication concerning the amount of legal status of the debt are covered in the Act and as a result, Finance System asks that any request for information on the account after it is placed for collection be handled and/or coordinated by our office.

What do I do if our office receives a notice that the consumer is filing bankruptcy and the account is with your office?

If you receive any bankruptcy notices after Account Placement, it is extremely important that you forward them to our office, due to the fact that we are required to cease collection efforts. There are two types of Bankruptcy, which may be filed. Chapter 7 bankruptcies are generally referred to as “no asset” cases, and Chapter 13 bankruptcies are commonly referred to as “re-organization cases”, which include a re-payment plan. Finance System recommends that its clients file a proof of claim in all cases for your protection.

What if I receive notification that the consumer is now deceased?

Finance System will research and file the appropriate claims on the consumer’s estate. Remember that in many states, the passing of one spouse does not relieve the other spouse of financial responsibility.