Finance System strives to deliver the highest quality legal work and service to our clients. Any legal action is filed as Finance System, keeping your business out of the public record.

Our Process of Litigation

When all voluntary collection efforts have been exhausted, legal action can be used to recover your accounts. Finance System has a full legal department in house, as well as attorneys in every state we serve.

Before placement, accounts are reviewed to ensure that the consumer has a good address, ownership of real property, verified full-time employment and/or is neither indigent, nor on welfare. Only when assets are sufficient and tangible is a recommendation made to refer to legal counsel.

Accounts are referred to our legal department when our call center receives several broken promises or no voluntary payment. Written authorization is secured from the client prior to taking action.

When litigation is imminent, Finance System absorbs all court costs, filing and legal fees. We only request to file suit against the consumers that are fully capable of paying their just obligation, but instead have chosen to ignore or refuse all payment requests.