Debt Purchasing

Sell Your Debt—Recover Your Losses

Finance System Recovery Group, LLC
Who is Finance System Recovery Group?

Finance System Recovery Group is in the business of purchasing debt from all types of companies or providers, such as medical, utility and educational organizations, that need to sell their debt in order to retrieve as much of their capital as possible. Let us turn your distressed receivables into liquid capital and give you peace of mind.


debt purchasing

What are the advantages of selling to Finance System Recovery Group?

  • A customized program designed specifically for your needs
  • A consistent rate of return on your investment
  • The highest level of professionalism, dedication to compliance and customer service
  • Years of experience in the debt purchasing industry
  • Immediate capital for your business
  • Saves you the possibility of having to restructure or liquidate, giving you peace of mind

As your trusted partner, let Finance System take on the challenges you face with burdensome debt.