Customer Service

U.S. companies lose more than $62 billion annually due to poor customer service (newvoicemedia)

To say providing good customer service is important is an understatement. In fact, 33 percent of Americans say they will consider switching companies after just a single instance of poor service (American Express).

When you are competing with countless other businesses in your industry, how you interact with and treat your customers can make or break how you stand out among the rest.

Attract new customers and keep your clients coming back with exceptional service.

  • Train your staff: Clearly outline your customer service policies and procedures and ensure your employees fully understand what is expected. Providing the proper tools can help them feel confident in their ability to provide quality service throughout the entire customer experience.
  • Hire well: Your business can’t provide quality service without quality people. Ensure you are bringing the right people to represent your brand by asking them questions about how they would respond in certain customer scenarios or how they have handled something similar in the past. When necessary, check references.
  • Listen to your customers: It’s simple! Pay attention to your clients’ concerns or comments and invite them to give an honest assessment on the level of service you provide. This can help uncover common issues that need to be addressed and give ideas for improvement.
  • Monitor online presence: Now more than ever, customers will give their opinions of your business online through review sites or social media, and their experience can be shared widely. Make sure you not only take note of what they are saying, but quickly and thoughtfully respond to resolve complaints or express gratitude for praise.

By taking the time to build a respectful and knowledgeable team, communicate with your clients effectively and continuously improve your process, you can expect greater client satisfaction, repeat business and referrals.

At Finance System, Inc., we strive to provide a personal, seamless and enjoyable experience to every individual we work with. We’re dedicated to:

  • Being honest and transparent in our communication
  • Educating our clients’ customers whenever possible
  • Never belittling or disrespecting our clients’ customers
  • Understanding that the reputation of our clients is of the utmost importance
  • Removing the stress, burden and costs of recovering bad debt

If you’re looking to turn bad debt into collected revenue—while receiving exceptional customer service— contact us today!